Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful Music?

On September 15, it was announced that The Used will have a song on the soundtrack for New Moon. Bert McCracken told that the title of the track is "For You I Would" and that Nine Inch Nails musician Danny Lohner produced the song. The song has not been released yet, but according to McCracken (heheh) they wrote the song especially for the film and it is going to be the title track for the album. I look forward to hearing the song. Well, really I look forward to anything having to do with this movie. As we all know Paramore hit it big after their song 'Decode' was chosen as the title track for the Twilight soundtrack. It's getting exciting! Thanks to for the heads up.

The lady in charge of putting the songs together for the soundtrack for New Moon, Alexandra Patsavas, revealed some awesome news to Ben Sisario of The New York Times yesterday. The track list will be complete and released on Friday (tomorrow)! Of course we already know that Deathcab for Cutie and The Used have a song on the album, but all we have really heard in the past few months was speculation. Patsavas didn't care to say for sure who would be on the soundtrack, other than Deathcab, but she did say that she is confident that it would include Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Bon Iver and Band of Skulls. I do believe that those three artists had been previously confirmed, but it is not know which songs by those artists will be used. I am so excited for this album. I have complete faith that, much like the film New Moon, the soundtrack for New Moon will be better than the one for Twilight. I liked most of the tracks for the Twilight soundtrack, but there were a couple that I just did not think fit the "feel" of the story. I think the two songs that were from probably the best know artists (Perry Ferrell and Collective Soul) were the ones I liked the least. However, it did open me up to some "new-to-me" artists that I have really come to like. May I also just go on record and say that I DO NOT care for Bella's Lullaby. The more I have listened to it the more I think it sounds like the instrumental soundtrack for The Sims. When I hear it, I feel like I should be building and decorating my virtual house. Anyway. I think that the appeal of the New Moon CD will definitely come from the emotional tie it will have with the fans, so it is sure to be a hit regardless. Tune in tomorrow and I will hopefully have the whole list for you.

Newborns arrived in Forks the other day. According to there are two set reports from fans who went to watch the whole thing go down. In seeing the photos and reading the descriptions, it is evident that David Slade, the director, is taking this film in a much darker direction. This is pretty exciting to see. Of course this part is not in the book, but I think it will be a nice addition. The photos that the two fans shared show some spooky looking newborn vamps walking out of the water very slowly. You can also see Xavier Samuel (Riley) and Jodelle Ferland (Bree) although she was not filming at the time.Spooky...I LOVE IT! Follow the link to read the full reports and see more photos.

E! Online has a story about Eclipse newcomer, Jack Huston. Jack plays the role of Rosalie's fiancee during her human life, Royce King II. It is assumed that this will occur in a flashback in the film. Huston goes on to talk about his brief stint on the set of Eclipse. He did not have the opportunity to work with Rob Pattinson (Edward Cullen) or Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), which sounds like he feels is a good thing. He talks about how he might not have gotten the gritty role if David Slade had not been willing to meet with him. Sound like Slade is a nice guy, at least. Huston goes on to state in the interview that he only worked with Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) and that she made him feel welcome and that they had fun. I'm not really sure how I feel about him saying that it was "fun", since Royce basically gang rapes Rosalie with a group of his friends and leaves her for dead. I guess with a heavy scene like that, it would be important to try to keep things light.

It has been discovered that Booboo Stewart (Seth Clearwater) is to start shooting this morning. He sent out a message via Twitter stating that he was headed to set after breakfast. Seth is my favorite of all of the werewolves (shape shifters), so I hope this kid is good. Also, makes me curious which scene they are filming. I can't wait to see the pivotal battle between Edward, Bella, Seth, Victoria and Riley. I think Slade will keep things dark and ominous and I can't wait until June, 2010!

One last quick bit of Twilight news. Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) and Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) were spotted out in Vancouver yesterday. They looked unbelievably gorgeous, but what is up with the glasses that Kellan is wearing? They look good as sunglasses, but when he has them flipped up "Dwayne Wayne" style he loses me. I love that Kellan is into fashion, but I'm not too sure about that particular fashio statement. What do you all think about these photos courtesy of Follow the link for more photos.

Today has been a more relaxed day at work (CRAP! I probably just jinxed it!). Yesterday was a different story. Sarah had the day off and Roger was in meetings so I manned the box office alone with Jimmy Brimer to keep me company. Of course that was when I wasn't on the phone taking orders. The bright point of my day was a phone call from Mary Costa, the voice of Walt Disney's: Sleeping Beauty. I knew her years ago when I worked for The Disney Store and she would come in to sign animation sericels and lithographs. I also had the pleasure of working with her and several of my fellow Cast Members when Disney hosted the premiere of Sleeping Beauty at The Tennessee Theatre several years ago. When she called, I told her who I was and she got very excited and said that she did remember me. I don't necessarily believe that she did, but it was so nice of her to say so. I just think that it is amazing to have a Disney Icon in our town. I mean she knew Walt Disney and was chosen by him to be the voice of Aurora! It's just a real honor to get to interact with her, whether she remembers me or not. :o)

One quick Zane anecdote. Last night we were being silly and I don't really remember what we were talking about, but I started talking in a more effeminate voice than my own. Zane said, "Mommy, you sound like those guys on that show." I wasn't sure what show he meant, so I asked. He said, "The one where they make the clothes and the girls walk down the runway." I said, "Project Runway?" He said, "That's it!!" I cracked up. I didn't mean to sound like one of those guys, but it was funny that he thought about that particular show.

Well, I took Zane to school this morning and let him walk about half way to his classroom without me. As we were walking in, one of the Kindergarten teachers was walking a group of kids out of the gym. Zane said he saw one of his friends from his class, so I asked him if he would like to walk to class with his friends and the teacher. The teacher looked at Zane and asked if he would like to walk with her. He gave me a sceptical look, but I assured him he would be fine and that I didn't mind, so he gave me a hug and walked on with the teacher. I stood and watched him until he went around the corner. It is just such an amazing thing to watch your child grow. When he was a little baby, I never really thought about all of the small milestones that he would accomplish in a mere five years. Each one is small, but so wonderful. Just seeing my child walking down the hallway of his school without made me proud, but a little sad. It is amazing how many times, as a mother, those two emotions occur together.

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  1. Another moment of poignancy.

    Very sweet.

    Those realizations of kids growing up is so shocking.

    It's like when a person looks through their children's clothes and remember when their feet could fit in the palm of their hand or they look at old photographs and recall how they felt when they took those monumental first steps or said their first sentence.

    For you, this week, that moment was with Zane's bittersweet walk to his classroom.

    Pathos, my friend. Pathos.

    Again though, you're such a good mommy!