Friday, July 31, 2009

Biting The Hand That Feeds Them

I know you all thought that it was over but the feud between Rachelle LeFevre and Summit Entertainment is continuing, although with a little less animosity. Rachelle has stated that she will not be making anymore statement on the matter and Summit is stating that she broke her contract and is owed no other compensation, so the only thing left do in the lawyers. Rachelle has thanked her fans via Twitter, but has left it at that and some of the other cast members have made very short comments about the situation, but no other elaborations have been made. I am sure Summit and their lawyers have placed a gag order or asked for silence on the issue. Either way, I am sure this will not be the last we will hear on the matter. Marc Malkin with E! News Online wrote an article to shed some light on the situation and it gives a little more detail. If you are interested in keeping up with this story, I suggest you all keep up with Marc. He was the first to speak to Rachelle and get the exclusive. He is in the know!

According to another report, Summit is biting the hands that feed them. There is a petition going around the web via Twitter in an attempt by Twilighters to save Rachelle's job and have her return as Victoria. According to Ted Casablanca, also on E! News, Twilight fans need to save their Twitter breath. Here is the short article from Casablanca.


"I don't think so."

—A key Summit player's response when we asked if the Twitter petition Twilight fans are waging in an effort to save fired Rachelle Lefevre in her role as Victoria would get her reinstated.

Clearly, Lefevre's attempt to get time off from her Eclipse duties to do another film, Barney's Version, did not go over well. Lefevre's side of the battling story, as our colleague Marc Malkin scooped, states plainly it's Summit just trying to get out of paying her upped salary for the third installment in the Twilight saga.

On the other corporate bitchy hand, Summit claims Lefevre withheld notification about doing the film (which has a conflicting shoot schedule) and is being "uncooperative" as a result.

Well, that's just what Summit's saying on the record.

What are those involved in the studio fracas saying privately?

Rachelle, to her credit, drew the first blood," bitched a key player involved in the nasty situation. "So no matter what Summit says, they look like the bad guy."

Score one for crafty Rachelle!

What about that amazing and dedicated Twi fan base, we asked the Summit insider? You know, that impressively forceful, online contingency that's been screaming for Lefevre's rehiring ever since the news first broke?"

Because the fan base is so passionate," our studio know-it-all replied, "any change [is one] they feel they need to be consulted on."

Bitchy! OK, so we guess Summit isn't too interested in maintaining nicey, nicey with anybody right now, huh? But remember, they said Rachelle started it all, so, of course, they're in lousy moods, right?"

You have no idea," sasses Deep Twi. "Everyone started freaking out when they saw how Rachelle was going to spin this. Execs were prepared to play nice but were 'stunned' when they saw Rachelle's statement. So you can scratch the playing nice part."

We asked DT one more time if there's any hope Lefevre can reprise her role in the third film, after hearing all the fan outrage and such."

After this public mess? I think that's a no."

WTF is up with these people?


Another story that I found interesting is the "smack talk" that is going on between Katherine Heigle and Seth Rogen! They starred in Knocked Up (one of my favorite movies) together and everything seem hunky dory at the time. Afterwards, Heigl stated that she saw the movie as "a little sexist" and that the women were painted as "shrews". Rogen is now saying that this must be Heigle's thing now, because she talks bad about everyone now. I think that Katherine is getting a "big Head" and needs to get over herself. Knocked Up is a movie that helped put her on the map! I am so sick of these bitchy actresses who are getting paid millions of dollars to a movie with these other amazing actors and directors and then they complain about it or act miserable. I would gladly switch places with them any time! Here is the short article from Erik Pedersen at E! News.

Did you see Kings of Leon on The Today Show this morning? I just love case you didn't know. Al Roker said that it was the biggest crowd they've had come out this summer AND it was raining. I thought it was so amazing that there were such a variety of people in the crowd. There were teenage girls, older men, frat guys, mom-type ladies and rocker dudes. I even saw a couple of little kids there. It was pretty cool. When I was driving Zane to my mother's house this morning we listened to a couple of other KOL songs and Zane said, "If I knew a couple more of their songs, I think they would be my favorite band." God, I love that child so much! A fan recorded her T.V. while they performed, so here ya go.

Last night at 8pm I saw that Gone With The Wind was on, so I turned the T.V. to AMC to see if Zane would show any interest in it. He watched it quite a bit and was asking me what people's names were and things like that. There were a couple of funny things he said while we were watching. During the scene where Scarlet is running through the streets of Atlanta and there are all the other people running to evacuate and they're all screaming and there were cannons going off Zane said, "The rodeo's in town!" I don't know where he got that! I've never said anything like that in my life. I guess he probably got it from my mother or from a movie, but it cracked me up. A few minutes after that he looked at me and said, "My Grandaddy fought in the Civil War." I thought that was pretty funny. I had to explain that the Civil War was 140-something years ago, so he didn't fight in the Civil War, but it was the Vietnam War. I think he understood, but he is just too darn cute!

Zane is going to his Daddy's this weekend and I am planning to take in some theatre at the CBT LAB, which is exciting. The weekends when Zane is with his dad are always a little tough for me. There is a part of me that is relieved to have time to myself and do things that I want to do, but there is an even bigger part of me that misses him more than words can express. It is these weekends that I wish I had someone to spend time with, so that I stay occupied and don't really have a chance to think about it. It has been something I have dealt with for so long now, though. I am used to it. Luckily it is only two days and they usually go by so fast and he is back with me before I start to feel that unbearable ache that comes when I just want to see his face or hear his voice. My sister sent me a new DVD player for my birthday, so luckily I can rent some movies this weekend to keep busy, too! (She's also sending me the new Dave Matthews Band CD and I am so excited!)

I like to give "shout outs" on my blog, so this one I have to give to my neighbor, Jenifer Bowman. I bumped into her when I got home yesterday and she has been sick lately and had to go into the hospital. She is a Twilight fan, too and she said that she and her BFF Jennifer Kennel were reading my blog out loud in the hospital and it started a conversation with some other folks who were there, too. I am glad that what I write (and so far love doing) has helped keep people entertained while they are in an undesirable situation, so thanks Jenifer!


  1. I know it's hard, but perhaps shift your perspective about these weekends a little. Try to cherish these 2 days Zane is with his father. They may be lonesome for you, but they allow an opportunity to reconnect with the other facets of your beautiful & dynamic personality. They help you be you, and knowing yourself will only help you maintain the wonderful mothering you bestow upon Zane. Just know people very close to you love you and want you to be happy. You are phenomenal, and you will find an amazing man for yourself and Zane - probably where you least expect it. And when you do, it will be an inspiration to us all.

  2. I so wish that I knew who left this comment. Thank you so much. Your words mean so much to me. Thank you.

  3. You're quite welcome. Your words mean a lot to us, too. As for my identity, knowing who I am isn't important. The things that are important are what you say and our input to help you. (The blog is called "Get Me Out of This Funk" after all.) My only hope through my responses is that I help you realize A) how great you are and B) what your potential for happiness truly is. But knowing you, you'll probably want at least a hint as to who I am. Let's just say I've known you for years and leave it at that for now.

  4. P.S. For the record I'm not the same "Anonymous" a-hole who posted the fantasyland comment on your latest blog, but I think you can tell which posts are mine and which ones are random Internet dweebs.

  5. I think I know who you are...maybe. I figured you weren't the same crazy who left the other comment. I replied by the way. You should check it out!