Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Say It Ain't So!

Well, I am more disappointed than I can even express! Rachelle LeFevre who portrayed Victoria in Twilight and will play the role in New Moon has officially been replaced in Eclipse by Bryce Dallas Howard. Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of Ron Howard and starred opposite Juaquin Phoenix in The Village as well as portraying Gwen Stacy in Spider Man 3. I also have a special affection for her since she played, and was nominated for a Golden Globe for, Rosalind in As You Like It in 2006. I also think I am one of the few people who actually liked Lady in the Water, I am SUPER upset by this casting decision! Apparently there were scheduling conflicts that called Rachelle away from the production of Eclipse. Personally, I can not even imagine anyone except her portraying Victoria. That red hair and those beautiful blue eyes. It's sacrilege! I so wanted to see Rachelle in that climactic battle! UGH! Do we blame David Slade? If so, he is screwed! There might be angry Twilighters calling for the return of Chris Weitz A.S.A.P. Why could they not make it through the production of the first three movies without making such a drastic change. Rachelle seemed so happy and grateful to portray such an iconic character. I read that the producers were concerned that she and Rob didn't have good chemistry, but they are supposed to hate each other! Why do they need good chemistry? I am so bummed that she had to leave Victoria behind in midstream. I guess we may never know the reason for sure. Here is a more in depth article from E! News.

Do my readers who are also Twilighters feel the Bryce Dallas Howard has the look for Victoria?

The only comfort I take in this change is the idea that maybe Kristen Stewart could be replaced. I know...wishful thinking, but I can't stand her. There have been rumors floating around that Kristen and Rob are in a relationship. This is not something that I will be mentioning in my blog very much, if at all, after this. I DO NOT believe this to be true. In seeing videos from the set of Twilight, I could see how they seemed close, but I don't see that at all any more. I get so frustrated that there are so many Robsten fans. The thought of him being with her makes me so disgusted. There is now a website that people can go to in order to find out the truth about these rumors, among others. It is run by Dan Abrams and is being described as "Perez Hilton meets Columbia Journalism Review". I am so glad that these tabloids can now be put to rest. This will be going to the top of my list of favorite new websites!

I wanted to mention a new show "Dark Blue" that began on TNT called Dark Blue. It's an FBI cop drama that stars Dylan McDermott and UTK's own Logan Marshall-Green. It is so cool to see someone that I knew at one point in time, on television. It was really cool to see him with Marisa Tomei at the SAG awards and The Oscars a few months ago. Apparently they met while do a show in NYC. It's sort of surreal that I went out with him once and now he's dating an Oscar winner.

I got to work today and the party that I made a fool of myself over. When Roger read my blog on Monday, he informed me that a party had been planned, but they wanted to make sure I would be there for it. I cried on Monday because my birthday was mostly over-looked this year and I thought they forgot, too. They had Pizza Hut (my favorite) and a chocolate cake. They all got me cards and gifts and it made me feel much better, but I feel so guilty for being so emotional on Monday. Better late than never, right? There's not much else going on today. At the CBT Box Office we are working on getting the season ticket packets together.

Now that Zane has had his dental work done I feel like I am getting a toothache. After talking about my fear of the dentist and how woozy I felt yesterday, I am going to have to make my own visit to the dentist. Yikes! I'd rather go to the gynecologist any day!

I also want to thank my readers who have left comments. I only wish I knew who they were from. The comments have been so thoughtful and encouraging. Whoever they are from, thank you and I adore you!


  1. I liked Lady in the water, too:) I think Bryce is stunning!

  2. As I adore you.

    My comments to you have only been as thoughtful as your blog. In fact, my favorite parts have been the succinct, loving tidbits about you and Zane. Sure, the Twilight updates are nice, but I want to hear more about your life as a single mom. It's very encouraging to other single parents out there, and the moments of truth are stunning.

  3. I just wish you guys would tell me who you are, so that I know exactly who I adore and who adores me back...

  4. I really liked Bryce in the Village. speaking of m. night shamawhatshisname, have you seen the previews for avatar???? i mean the last airbender. joshie wants to see that so bad!
    anyways back to topic, i was saddened at the cast change and feel like you; if they replace anyone it should be kristin! but i think bryce will do an excellent job!

  5. I have seen the previews for that! Zane really wants to see it, too...of course, so do I! It looks so awesome. I am so glad M. Night Shamalamadingdong is going with something a little different for The Last Airbender. Also, Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Cullen) is in it and I just love him.