Friday, July 24, 2009

More on the New Moon front! YAY!

There is quite a bit of Comic Con news to report today, so I hope you all will enjoy it.

Yesterday there was the small three person panel that I didn't get to see due to the suck-age of Entertainment Tonight, but I watched some video of it and I just think Rob and Taylor are so charming. Kristen Stewart is such a stick in the mud! She seems to have an attitude. Either that or she is trying to act down-to-earth and like all of the attention The Twilight Saga is receiving isn't going to change her. Maybe, but I think maybe she's a stoner.

Anywho. The panel that was later in the day was very cool. It was mostly a repeat of what the three cast members had said earlier in the day, except for the addition of Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen). She was so well dressed and expressed her gratitude to the fans. I adore her! Too bad she wasn't a better actress in the beginning, she would be a better, more likable, Bella. Ah well. Here is a bit of video that shows how sweet Ashley is, how annoying Kristen is and how adorable Rob and Taylor are.

The most exciting thing of all was when Chris Weitz presented the two clips that he has been working on just for the fans. He expressed his desire to show his fidelity to the novels and hoped the fans would recognize that. He presented these around 7:30pm ET time yesterday and I stayed up until 2am trying to find them. When I woke this morning, I went onto twitter and two of my favorite people to follow RobPattzNews and spunk_ransom posted the video of the clips. The videos are video taken of the screens as the clips were playing. There is a LOT of screaming and talking, but they are VERY cool to see, so here ya go!

Clip #1 with Bella & Jacob and the "Edward Apparition"

Clip #2 Alice and Bella chasing the clock to save Edward

I have to admit that the second clip brought tears to my eyes. I know...pitiful. But I can remember how I felt the first time I read this sequence in the book and it really calls up those emotions that Bella must be feeling. I think that Weitz is doing this movie justice (much more than what Catherine Hardwick did with Twilight) and I am counting the days until November 20.

There was also a viewing of Twilight afterwards and a majority of the cast made an appearance and answered some questions. It is a lengthy video, but if you are interested in seeing it, I will post the link.

If you made it through that entire thing or even just enough to see Kristen Stewart and how she was acting, then you can understand how I feel about her. She acts so immature. I can just imagine the snide comments that she is making about the fans and their reactions. She looks so miserable and there are so many actresses (I know of one in particular) that would be willing to trade places with her.

Rob was very charming. In all of the interviews I have seen from Comic-Con, he seemed glad to be there and a little nervous. There was one interview, with three of the other cast members, in which he kept popping his joints. It was endearing and sweet that he seemed uneasy, even though his career has sky-rocketed.

As for Taylor, I think he will achieve the "Rob" level of popularity once New Moon is released. He is such a doll and it will impossible for him to go out in public, just as it is for Rob. I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Also, at Comic-Con, Chris Weitz confirmed three of the artists who will be on the soundtrack for New Moon. He stated that he has gotten confirmation from Thom Yorke (lead singer of Radiohead), Bon Iver, and Band of Skulls. He also stated that he is really hoping to get Kings of Leon and I gotta say, I am REALLY hoping for that, too. If you are not familiar with Kings of Leon...give them a listen. They are awesome. Here is the song I anticipate will be on the New Moon soundtrack, if Weitz gets the O.K.

I also mentioned that Tim Burton would be at Comic-Con to present the new trailer for Alice in Wonderland although it had already leaked. Bummer. The cool thing is that Burton had a surprise guest. Check it, yo!

Can I just say that if I got to see Johnny Depp and Rob Pattinson in the same day, someone would have to call 9-1-1! Either that or I'd need some smelling salts. I would try to be cool and aloof, but would probably react just like the fans in those videos.
~With all of that said...Zane and I made it safely to S.C. On the road here, Zane was asking for me to play certain songs and out of nowhere he said he had wet himself. He was more concerned with hearing songs he loves than with telling me he had to potty. Sounds a little familiar. There are to be birthday celebrations this weekend and I am excited about that. Plus, later for dinner I think we are going to the marina for dinner. I might just have to have a gin & tonic or a Corona. Something to celebrate my 32nd birthday.

~I forgot to mention that, thanks to the advice and encouragement of Roger and Brandon, I colored my hair today. I have decided to get back to my "roots". Pun intended. I have always had a tough time finding a blond color that looks natural. I have also not held any belief in the adage, "Blonds have more fun!" so I am going back to my brown color.

~I am wondering who left the anonymous comment on my blog from yesterday? It was so sweet and meant the world to me. I am excited to have 8 followers already! Who would have thought.
I am wondering if my readers are enjoying the celeb gossip or would you rather I talked about something else? No matter how some might react to the idea of my "blogging" I really want to keep up with it. I don't want to get discouraged, so any advice is welcome.


  1. WTF is up with Kristen Stewart's hair? Does she think this is 1985 and that she's Joan Jett?

  2. She is playing Joan Jett in a movie, but she is taking it to the streets. She could have at least tried to look decent.