Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Beginning

OKAY! So I've decided to start blogging. I'm not sure how many people will read this or how interesting it will be to those who do. I just need an outlet. I have so many thoughts and feelings rambling around in my head and there are some days that I feel a major urge to get it all out there, otherwise I might explode! I am.

This blog will contain all sorts of things. I will be sharing some of my stories of, "Life as a Single Mom" and I will also be sharing some of my favorite stories in the media. I am an obsessed Twilighter, so you can plan on seeing plenty of that. I am also in love with Johnny Depp, so although he is a reserved individual, I plan on sharing news about him. As well as those few things I plan to feature I hope to share all sorts of celebrity news. You won't see any info on "Speidi" or "Jon & Kate", but mostly real celebs who are worth reading about. I plan on writing a little something each day or every other day at least. Even if I am having a down day, I will still share some news or just say, "Hey!".

This blog may tend to get a bit depressing at times if I am speaking of my own life, but I am in no way throwing myself a pity party, so just bear with me. I simply want people to know what life is like for me as I struggle through thoughts of my past and the hopes for a brighter future.

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  1. Hey Amy! It's Bobby. Keep up the blogging! I'm gonna add you to my reader. The thing I've found that keeps people coming back to my blog ( is being authentic and transparent. People love our real life soap operas haha.